The Aura Device

Access the Aura device Serial Number

You can access your Aura device SN from the sticker on your package or on the back of the device.
The 6 digit number marked in Red below is your device SN.


Can I Power Off my Aura Air?

We don’t recommend turning off your Aura Air device for the following reasons:

  1. Power consumption for your Aura Air is actually very low.
    Minimum energy usage per hour: 6W
    Average energy usage per hour: 24W
    Maximum energy usage per hour: 48W
    A regular light bulb consumes roughly 60 W.

Aura Air does not use a significant amount of power and is safe and efficient for 24/7 usage.

  1. Unplugging your Aura would demand another 24-48 hours to calibrate the sensors in order to present the most up-to-date data in the app.
  2. Aura is intended to purify and disinfect your Air – we encourage you to allow this process.

How to Open the Front Cover

Follow the video to find out how to remove the Front Cover easily!

How do I Install Aura in a New Location?

Moving into a new space? Congrats! Don’t forget to take
Aura with you to purify your environment.

Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Unplug your Aura device from the electricity in your old space.
Step 2: Plug Aura in at the new space.
Step 3: Create a new location in the app – this would also be a good time to delete the old location.
Step 4: Add a new device by clicking the Menu button, followed by New Aura Air.


Step 5: Install and Pair your Aura

*If the WiFi at your new place is the same WiFi router as the old one, the device will connect automatically – just plug in the device to the electricity.

*The device will store up to 5 different WiFi networks in its memory, and will automatically connect to a network that the device has been paired to in the past.

Access the Device ID via the Aura App

  1. You can access your Aura device ID through the app.
  2. Follow these steps along with the short video attached.
  3. Click the device image on the main page.
  4. Click the settings button in the top right.
  5. Then click Aura Air Info.
  6. The Device ID will be written at​​ the bottom.

WiFi Specifications

Aura Air Wi-Fi Support

Supported SpecificationsAura Device
Dynamic IP (DHCP)
WPA/WPA2 support Min 8 character WiFi Password for security purposes
2.4 GHz

Special Wi-Fi Considerations

The following features are not supported:

  • 5 GHz is not supported.
  • Captive portals (where you are redirected to a web page to agree to terms of service or enter an authorization code) are not supported. This is common in hotels and corporate public networks.
  • Wi-Fi networks that are 802.11 n only (do not support 802.11 b or g as well) are not supported on the Aura device.
  • Setting up an Aura device with WEP encryption is not recommended, as WEP is not secure.
  • IPv6 is not supported.
  • WPA2 Enterprise is not supported.
  • Please note that our devices do not support 40MHz wide band channels.

The Aura device connects to TCP Port 5683 (CoAP), outbound.

Please ensure that any firewalls active on your network are not blocking Aura’s servers.

If you are connecting from a restrictive network that does not allow outbound TCP access on Port 5683, you may need to allow-list these IP addresses or allow access based on the device’s MAC address.

IP AddressIP AddressIP AddressIP AddressIP Address
Device Modes

ound under the main page of each device in the Aura Air app, the Device Modes section allows you complete control over your Aura Air device. Change up the intensity of purification by selecting the mode that best suits your mood. Click the Lightning Bolt marked in RED below.

High Mode

High Mode accommodates the device to an environment that demands maximum air purification. Aura will work in the highest RPM.

Having some guests over? Cooking or cleaning more than the usual?  We recommend setting your device to High Mode.

Low Mode 

Low Mode accommodates the device to an environment that demands minimum air purification. 

Is it just you and some ice cream tonight? Is the air quality in your home already excellent? Going on vacation? Set your device to Low Mode.

Auto Mode

Let Aura do its thing! In Auto Mode, Aura will purify and disinfect the air according to the air quality in your space. Allow Aura’s sensors to identify the necessary mode of action.

In Auto Mode, Aura may increase its behavior when it detects pollutants in the air. It can be pollutants caused by cooking, cleaning products, perfume/deodorant, a large number of people in one place, and all sorts of pollution generators. The sensors detect pollutants in the air that we cannot see with our bare eyes. After working hard to purify and disinfect these pollutants, Aura will lower its behavior accordingly. 

Be sure – Aura always knows what’s best for your air.

Silent Mode 

Silent Mode decreases the fan to a minimum. Measurement of the sensors and parameters are still being collected and updated on the Dashboard.

Night Mode

Night Mode facilitates a quiet and purified sleep environment, reducing the sound to a minimum and turning the LED indication off for a darker feel.

Night Mode can be set according to a specific time-frame of your preference. Set Night Mode to the hours in which you usually go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Aura will automatically enter Night Mode every night at this time and turn the mode off in the morning.

*The toggle will always be set to on, so Aura automatically enters Night Mode the next night.

*Night mode is limited to a maximum of 12 hours.

Note – Setting your Aura’s modes can only be done when Aura is paired & connected to WiFi.

LED Indication Guide

NetworkScreen_Shot_2020-08-23_at_11.28.42.pngBlinking green: Aura has entered listening mode/waiting                          for new WiFi Blinking blue: Connecting to WiFi networkFast blinking blue:  Successful connection to WiFi network, attempting to connect to the Cloud
OperationScreen_Shot_2020-08-23_at_11.30.55.pngBreathing white: Aura is working to purify the air.- check for a green circle in-app to verify a connection to WiFiBreathing magenta: Aura has entered safe modeBlinking magenta: Firmware update pending
AlertsScreen_Shot_2020-08-23_at_11.31.12.pngBlinking orange: Device cover is openBlinking red: High concentration of CO/Smoke Alert

 * Note: If necessary, press the setup button for 4 seconds to enter Listening Mode 

What is Listening Mode?  
Aura is Blinking Green

A special state in which Aura is prepared for Pairing.

What is Safe Mode?  

Aura is Breathing Magenta

A special state in which Aura is attempting to connect to the Internet as a result of some internal failure. Aura enters this state to let our technical team know that an issue exists. No worries, we recognize this issue and are working to fix the problem. 

Technical Support: In case you are asked by a support agent to help your device enter Safe mode, please do the following: 

1. Unplug Aura from the electricity
2. Wait 5 seconds
3. Hold the Setup button while plugging Aura back into electricity
4. Release the Setup button once Aura is Breathing magenta.
5. To ensure a proper connection, Aura’s LED will operate as follow – Blinking green -> Fast blinking green -> Blinking blue -> Fast blinking blue -> Breathing magenta.

If your device did not follow the following pattern, please contact

To exit Safe mode

  1. Unplug Aura from electricity
  2. Wait 5 sec.
  3. Plug Aura back into electricity 

Cleaning the Pre-filter

Note: The Aura app will notify you when it’s time to wash your Pre-filter.​1. To clean the Pre-filter, begin by unplugging your Aura Air from the electricity.2. Gently remove the Device cover and Pre-filter.3. Detach the Pre-filter from the Device cover.4. Wash the Pre-filter with water – no chemicals.5. Dry the Pre-filter before placing it back.6. Plug your Aura Air back into the electricity.

Enjoy your fresh air.

For more help, watch this video.

Replacing the Ray-Filter™

Note: The Aura Air app will notify you when it’s time to replace your Ray-Filter™.

  1. To replace your Ray-Filter™, begin by unplugging your Aura Air from the electricity.
  2. Gently remove the Device cover with the Ray-Filter™.
  3. Place your new Ray-Filter™ into the Device cover.
  4. Put back the Device cover.
  5. Plug your Aura Air back into the electricity.

    For more help, watch the Filter Maintenance Video below!