Getting Started

Connecting & Pairing your Aura Air device

Step 1: Preparations


Step 2: Installation Video


Step 3: Share My Aura

Share your device’s air quality insights with family and friends.


Step 4: Name Your Aura


Step 5: Pairing

  • Begin by confirming your Aura is Blinking green.
  • If the device is not Blinking Green, confirm the Device cover is closed properly, wait for the device to Fast Blink White, and click the setup button for 4 seconds to enter Listening mode.

Next, go to the WiFi settings on your mobile phone and connect to Aura-XXXXXX on your mobile WiFi network list, and wait a few seconds for a successful connection.


Android users may encounter this message throughout the pairing process. If this pop-up shows up, click keep WiFi connection, if not, continue to step 5.


Return to the Aura Air app and click connect.


Step 6: Select your local WiFi network from the list, and enter the password for this WiFi network.


The Aura device, like many IoT devices, requires a WiFi network of 2.4 GHz, one that does not have a firewall enabled, and a WiFi network that is in range.

A device that is having an issue connecting to your local WiFi network can point to a few issues:

  1. The router is too far away from the device.
  2. The network is not 2.4 GHz.
  3. A firewall is enabled.

The best way to verify your device’s connectivity is to connect it to your Mobile Hotspot.

Step 7:

Please wait a few moments while your Aura is paired to the local WiFi network. Once the pairing is successful you will be forwarded to the Aura app main page.


Enjoy the fresh air!